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  1. Have ya'll seen Riri in this Video? Holy crap. Anyway, not bad man, I like the fast flow, but I think I'm too big of a fan of this song to accept any changes :bump2: But you are doing a realy good job with the rapping man

    Seen her in it? What do you think prompted the remix, man? haha. Thats always the risk with doing remixes, not living up to the original, appreciate the feedback Turn!

    @ Chris - Will do, man. Appreciate the comment on the page too!

  2. Lerkot is creative and talented, I remember the old times here in the forum. But it is very difficult to do a short rap song about a topic like an anthena or a bird, no matter how cool the beats are.. So cut him a break. We do expect some improvement soon man.

    What made me laugh was the 'meaningful lyrics' and 'intelligent messages'... and they're about a radio mast and a bird?

    Made me feel like Ed Lover, "c'mon son"

    It could have been more creative, I think thats what I'm trying to say :lookaround:

  3. TV shows aren't high on my agenda anymore. I'll watch sports. EPL, Champions League, NBA, WWE

    I'Ll watch movies. But as far as TV shows go there isn't alot that i follow anymore

    Ditto, mainly sports, I watched WWE with a purpose for the first time in 7 years Monday night... Finally.... goosebumps when the music hit! Felt like I was 8 again.

    Apart from that, maybe the odd comedy panel show, or shows like Bear Grylls.

  4. Mystro spends a lot of time in Oz so it wouldn't surprise me that he is known over there....plus he has an insane amount of skill.

    I think this is a great time for UK rap and artist crossing over to have mainstream success...however the sound that is being produce is VERY mainstream and dance/club orientated. A lot of artist would have to sacrifice their roots to achieve success. I mean how many of the British grime/hip hop acts could have had the success they are having now if they came out originally with what they are releasing now... I'm not knocking it at all but I'm not sure of the longevity of it all. But I guess that is where you adapt your style to the ever changing market

    Perfectly put, and just what I was thinking. I wouldnt call whats popular 'hip-hop', its more club music with a rapper on it and I don't truly believe that its the rapper on the song thats making it sell. If it was down to people liking pure hip hop, I'd say Twang and Mystro would be just as popular as Tinchy and so on. But they're not, so I think its boiling down to people liking club music more than the actual rhyming skill. There is a lot of talent out there though, Tinies doing big things, and his content is positive on the most part. But I dont think a pure 'hip hop' artist can come through without having to change their style to more grime/club, coz if it was possible, Twang and Diggi would be more popular, in my opinion.

  5. There are always new buyers who may want to hear what he is bringing before they take the risk on the album... His fan base may be broad, but he aint gonna make the paper with only his old fans..

    Putting out a song like this, I really don't think numbers or paper are on his mind. We're always saying on here how we want people to put 'real' true to life music out there, rather than following suit to sell records. Then when someone does it, we say 'bad move, wont sell well'. Are we ever sure what we want ourselves?

    I love it. My favourite artist out there currently.

  6. You have a good flow and you can write good lyrics! I do think you have to work on the way you bring your personality into your flow, if you know what I mean, it sounds a bit "random" too me.. if that makes any sense. And I think you have to find the right style, because your voice doesn't realy work for me on B.O.B./50 Cent/Add-big-US-Rapper-here Tracks (I do think the 50 Cent track is the best one you made tho, I like that one, somehow reminds me of a british Eminem). But you have potential, keep it up.

    Appreciate the feedback man. I agree I need to start showing more emotion and personality in my delivery, hopefully that'll come with experience. I always consider myself a writer first, and a rapper second. Not the first person to say it reminds you of a british Eminem. Thanks for checking them out bro.

  7. So what's the deal with the album then? Is there going to be one? How far have you got with it? Any names you got in mind for it?

    I musta missed this, sorry bro. It was the Eminem Mixtape as you probably guessed. New mixtape this year, started already.

    Now I feel I've got the hang of recording a little better, heres a new version of Airplanes.


    and my latest track...


  8. But its not talent that is selling records these days. It's gimmicks, dance crazes and off mic activity. Record Companies are all about making money at the end of the day and if you look at it from their point of view they are just reacting to what people are buying. This craze will be over soon enough and then it will move onto the next one. Also remember that styles of music are not forever. What may have been big in the 80's will not be as big in the 90's, and what was big in the 90's will not be as big in the noughties.

    Yes we can look back and say I really liked some of the stuff that came out in the 80's, 90's etc but to say that because you came out during that time that you are automatically better than anything that's out today....I can't get my head around that one. By your logic, you hold Lil Wayne in high opinion amongst other rappers as he came out in 1992????


    EDIT: Just to add to what Brakes said, if anything, instead of criticising the likes on Em and Jay, you should be partially grateful that they are still selling quality hip hop and not becoming too consumed with gimmicks in their material. Recovery is one of the best things to happen to hip hop in the mainstream for a very long time.

  9. if people really judged artists based on talent then rappers like soulja boy woulda never got a record deal, it's a fact that too many of these rappers that people consider 'hot' don't have much talent, anybody that thinks that rappers these days are putting out classic albums on the level of "Illmatic" are fooling themselves....

    There were equivalents to Soulja Boy in the 80's and 90's too, Ted, don't forget that. Not every rapper from those decades are worthy of being considered any better than Soulja is, it just so happen that there was a lot more quality out back then that we didn't get to see them in the mainstream as often.

    I hate to say it Ted, but you're stuck in your ways. If you're talented, you're talented, regardless of when you started.

  10. in reality though the best mcs are from the golden era still 'cause they set the standard for how great hip hop should be made...

    Not really, there we're just s many wack artists out in the 'golden era' as there is now. They just weren't seen as wack because we didn't know any different at the time. They should be considered pioneers and respected as legends, but we cant slate them the 'best' just because they originated in a certain era. Kurtis Blow established hip hop in a major way, but is he really a better emcee than Eminem? If you're being honest with yourself, the answers probably no. Respect them? Yes. Place them on a pedastal just because they are originals? Not for me.

    Although Nas was in what we consider the 'golden era' of hip hop, its safe to say he wasn't one of the orignators from the 80's, but he's still 100 times better as an emcee than most from that decade. The same way we all say people need to check the history before calling someone 'the best' we also have to not be closeminded in that, there is some new artists out there who are very worthy of being considered 'the best'. And just because someone says Eminem or Jay Z are the best ever, without knowing who Tupac etc are, doesn't make them wrong!

    Thats my take anyway!

  11. I added you as my friend on facebook and I'm playing the tracks on youtube since my computer's having problems downloading stuff at the moment, good stuff, I just had the intro on repeat!

    Just replied to your message on Facebook man, appreciate you checking it out, glad you like it :)

    The original link is dead, so I've edited the first post with a working link, see if you have any luck with that.

    Thanks again, bro!