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  1. Appreciate the feedback guys, means a lot. I'm happy with my progression up to now, theres still a lot of work to do tho, I know that. When I listen to the first audio I cut, it makes me cringe at how bad the delivery was. Awful. I think developing my own style will happen now I'm using original beats. Although it got me quite a bit of exposure, I do regret doing so many remixes/covers. It never felt personal to me as a project.

    Thanks again, glad you're liking it!

  2. Appreciate the feedback. I get the 'British Eminem' comparisons all the time. Its crazy to hear your name said in the same sentence, but I also want to be known for my own style. Originality is key for me now, the Eminem Mixtape is slowly turning into my version of 'Brake Yourself', lol. It got me quite a lot of promo tho, so I cant complain.

    Thanks again for the feedback, thank wifey for me too, Visqo.

  3. Have ya'll seen Riri in this Video? Holy crap. Anyway, not bad man, I like the fast flow, but I think I'm too big of a fan of this song to accept any changes :bump2: But you are doing a realy good job with the rapping man

    Seen her in it? What do you think prompted the remix, man? haha. Thats always the risk with doing remixes, not living up to the original, appreciate the feedback Turn!

    @ Chris - Will do, man. Appreciate the comment on the page too!

  4. Lerkot is creative and talented, I remember the old times here in the forum. But it is very difficult to do a short rap song about a topic like an anthena or a bird, no matter how cool the beats are.. So cut him a break. We do expect some improvement soon man.

    What made me laugh was the 'meaningful lyrics' and 'intelligent messages'... and they're about a radio mast and a bird?

    Made me feel like Ed Lover, "c'mon son"

    It could have been more creative, I think thats what I'm trying to say :lookaround:

  5. TV shows aren't high on my agenda anymore. I'll watch sports. EPL, Champions League, NBA, WWE

    I'Ll watch movies. But as far as TV shows go there isn't alot that i follow anymore

    Ditto, mainly sports, I watched WWE with a purpose for the first time in 7 years Monday night... Finally.... goosebumps when the music hit! Felt like I was 8 again.

    Apart from that, maybe the odd comedy panel show, or shows like Bear Grylls.

  6. Mystro spends a lot of time in Oz so it wouldn't surprise me that he is known over there....plus he has an insane amount of skill.

    I think this is a great time for UK rap and artist crossing over to have mainstream success...however the sound that is being produce is VERY mainstream and dance/club orientated. A lot of artist would have to sacrifice their roots to achieve success. I mean how many of the British grime/hip hop acts could have had the success they are having now if they came out originally with what they are releasing now... I'm not knocking it at all but I'm not sure of the longevity of it all. But I guess that is where you adapt your style to the ever changing market

    Perfectly put, and just what I was thinking. I wouldnt call whats popular 'hip-hop', its more club music with a rapper on it and I don't truly believe that its the rapper on the song thats making it sell. If it was down to people liking pure hip hop, I'd say Twang and Mystro would be just as popular as Tinchy and so on. But they're not, so I think its boiling down to people liking club music more than the actual rhyming skill. There is a lot of talent out there though, Tinies doing big things, and his content is positive on the most part. But I dont think a pure 'hip hop' artist can come through without having to change their style to more grime/club, coz if it was possible, Twang and Diggi would be more popular, in my opinion.