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  1. Like I said in my first post. I'm not for censorship. I do believe the word would be used less if people understood its impact. My main point is that it will never become a word to empower if it is also seen as a word to degrade by the very people who use it.

    Perfectly said. How is it possible that you think a word is empowering, but if someone else says it, you then refer back to its oppressive origin, even if they use it in the empowering form you claim it as? If people want to use it, they can, but don't contradict yourself or have a double standard on its use.

  2. :yes:

    Im gonna def get at you very soon, dope!

    Great job man, especialy on the Nicki Track, she ripped that beat ("praying but I think I’m still an angel away /angel away, yeah strange in a way/ maybe that is why I still chase strangers away"). I would love to hear you rap a little slower sometimes. Maybe pick a Dipset Beat or something. Or something like Drive Slow by Kanye.

    Appreciate that man. Showing the versatility in my flow is something I'm working on. I'm in the middle of making an original album, they'll be some slower material on it. I may do a remix to Drive Slow though, I love that song. Cheers man.

    Appreciated all the feedback guys, means a lot.

  3. Appreciate the feedback guys, means a lot. I'm happy with my progression up to now, theres still a lot of work to do tho, I know that. When I listen to the first audio I cut, it makes me cringe at how bad the delivery was. Awful. I think developing my own style will happen now I'm using original beats. Although it got me quite a bit of exposure, I do regret doing so many remixes/covers. It never felt personal to me as a project.

    Thanks again, glad you're liking it!

  4. Appreciate the feedback. I get the 'British Eminem' comparisons all the time. Its crazy to hear your name said in the same sentence, but I also want to be known for my own style. Originality is key for me now, the Eminem Mixtape is slowly turning into my version of 'Brake Yourself', lol. It got me quite a lot of promo tho, so I cant complain.

    Thanks again for the feedback, thank wifey for me too, Visqo.