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  1. I'll be honest, man. It's not good. You need to maybe give it more energy and pronounce your words clearer. It's all very monotone and mumbly at the minute. Also. do you write to beats? The verses you put up to instrumentals dont seem to flow in time with the beat. It's extremely difficult to write a verse and then rap it over a beat, you have to write the verse to the beat. It'll all come with time, keep at it, bro. Good to hear you on audio.

  2. Considering how well the community album turned out, I know this could be a long shot lol

    I'm wondering if anyone is interested in trying to get a charity album together. All original to put on iTunes and so on. I'm up for anyone who wants to be involved, forum members or not, anyone someone might know outside of the forum, etc. Doesnt have to be just rap of course. Spoken word poetry could be cool as well.

    I'd like to do it for Cancer Research as I've lost 2 friends recently to the disease and my best friends nan has Leukemia. But I'm open to suggestions, or splitting it between charities.

    Anyone interested?


  3. I love that there is another Rich Cronin fan on the board! I've always identified with his music and was fortunate to be cool with him.

    I liked LFO too, they were fun but different to other boy bands. You'll also be happy to know I own Britney and Jessica Simpson albums and happen to think Nick Lachey - This I Swear is one of the best love songs of our time. The cats out the bag now, haha.

    Listening to; Blak Twang - Help Dem Lord

  4. Dicked by a bigger willie? Brakes, that line could be genius
    If it wasn’t for the fact Katie’s clit is bigger than your penis
    She told me ‘you’re superior to Ewan, he couldn’t do me this way’
    At least I think she said it to me, I wasn’t the only dude at your place
    Coz she treats her legs and crotch like an open buffet for free
    Soon as she puts on a spread, then it’s all you can eat
    Ask for directions? Well, that part is accurate actually
    Coz I had to navigate through all the baby weight she still carries
    Dictaphone? Yeah, only so I don’t make the same mistakes
    “14 years and no progress, man, you remind me of Da Brakes”
    So it’s not a surprise you fabricated record deal lies
    Then 3 months later your demise was you’re still unsigned
    I may be new to the game, but I’m at a height you’ll never reach
    I come to you for advice coz those who can’t teach
    You didn’t drop a battle verse, more like a rhythmic suicide note
    They’ll only be a third round if the judges make sympathy votes