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    What Are You Listening To? XIX

    Kanye cant be that great on that track if I forget he's on it as soon as Em starts spitting, lol. Kanye's got talent no doubt, but he's a diamond in the rough we call hip hop these days. I've always considered him a better producer than rapper personally, I'd take him over 90% on todays commercial scene though. Listening to; Outhere Brothers - Boom Boom Boom
  2. Its not really anyones "fault", a crime hasnt been commited. Its just a decision Will has made, arent we over that yet?
  3. Big Willie

    Yo Home To Bel-Air (Instrumental)

    CD, I knew there was a couple of remixes of the track, but I'd never heard of an instrumental of this until I found the CD. You're welcome guys!
  4. Big Willie

    What Are You Listening To? XIX

    Tatyana Ali feat Kel Spencer - Getting Closer Love this track. The WWW soundtrack is dope!
  5. Big Willie

    Is Will Smith A Overall Good Actor?

    I thought you was gonna burst out into a Cheryl Cole song there for a second, bruh. @DefCEM Soccer to basketball is a bit of a reach when they are totally different sports. Camera acting and theatre acting are still in the acting field, maybe if you'd used a good college basketball player wont automatically be a good NBA player. I see the point you're making however, much like stepping up from college ball to the NBA is a different process all together, so is going from camera work to theatre. All your other points are solid, no doubt, but I dont see how you can judge the remainder of someones abiliity based on something they've never attempted. Obviously you can make an educated guess based on the points you said in your last post, but it is nothing more than simply a guess.
  6. Big Willie

    Is Will Smith A Overall Good Actor?

    When you have an opinion on how something would be before its actually happened, that IS a prediction, dude! I can see you not wanting to have an opinion because you'd like to see how he would perform in a theatre, but to say he'd suck and he's not a great actor because you think he would suck, its just a little far-fetched to me. But yea, no big deal at all, just a discussion man.
  7. Big Willie

    Is Will Smith A Overall Good Actor?

    But the question wasnt "Make a prediction on how Will would perform in a live theatre?". I'm in agreement that live audiences in a theatre is a whole different ball game to filmed projects, but you cant judge someones ability at it if they havent attempted it.
  8. Big Willie

    My summer plans

    Visqo = The poster boy for positive thinking :boxedin: Sounds amazing Kev, hope you have a great time. Good luck bro.
  9. Big Willie

    Is Will Smith A Overall Good Actor?

    I consider him to be one of the most versatile actors of our time. I don't think he excels in any one genre, but his adaption skills are amazing. For someone to somewhat effortlessly transcend from a biopic, to the last man on earth, then into a superhero and then be able to play such a dark role in 7 Pounds all in the space of 2 years, that's enough for me for him to be considered a great actor. I think there are plenty of actors out there with more acting ability, but very few with his versatility.
  10. Big Willie

    Justin Bieber

    Haha, everyone jammed to Mmbop at least once, lol. I agree with Julie, I'm not a fan of Biener, but I'm not bothered by him either. If I don't like someones music I just don't listen to it. As long as someone gets some positive insight out of it I see no problem.
  11. Big Willie

    Men In Black III in Development

    Starting to like this idea more and more, get away from the Oscar chase and return to the series that really put him on the map in Hollywood. Like Brakes said, Classic FP. Sacha would be great, doesnt get enough credit for his acting ability.
  12. Big Willie

    We Are The World 25

    First off, I dont think anyone has disrespected the victims with anything they have said, its just a discussion, maybe one that has been a little too indepth because of the subject at hand, but a discussion all the same. Its more to the point of, as much as it pains us all to see Wayne be considered the best rapper alive, if someone is considered that and are willing to be on a track for charity, then you let them be on it. Using different artists may have made the song a million times better, but if those artists dont have the pull to get people to buy it, its a waste of time. So regardless of anyones opinion, the same reason its a good idea for MJ to be on it is because it'll gain more interest, thats the same reason Weezy is present. As bad as that may be for our own personal tastes, its the truth, there are very few artists out there today that have the public clout that Weezy has. But yeah, as much as this doesnt need to be discussed, its about the only topic with any real life in it.
  13. Big Willie

    We Are The World 25

    Really who cares, people tastes dont define good music. This is a modern day version of We Are The World, modern day music is dominated by Lil Wayne type artists and the autotune. At least these artists are there doing something to try and make a difference. Honestly, I cant believe we are having such a debate over a charity single for a great cause. Its not aboout if they kept MJ, Lil Wayne was on it, they used autotune or Will Smith wasnt there, it's about raising funds for Haiti, cant we just focus on that and give every artist respect for agreeing/wanting to be on it? Because after all that is the BIGGEST issue.
  14. Big Willie

    Will to star in Hitchcock remake

    He's linked to so many movies I'll only believe it when it starts filming, but, I'm not against any of them coming to fruition.
  15. Big Willie

    Tiger Woods To Return

    http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703444804575071663150820760.html?mod=WSJ_hpp_LEADNewsCollection As I've said before, I dont approve of his actions off the course, but I cant wait to see him swing a golf club again.
  16. Big Willie

    The year without Will Smith

    Although MIB2 was pretty poor, the Agent J character can be developed for a series of new movies. If someone scripted it right, its a TV series waiting to happen IMO. I dont think it ever will be (aside from the animated series) but I think the potential is there. Even if its not MIB3 next, i want something light hearted and comedic, but I'm down for whatever regardless.
  17. Big Willie

    We Are The World 25

    **** all that. I dont think he forgot about us, but if you insist he did, he did it to be a full time father, something his hectic schedule has stopped him doing for many years. What more defense about his recent decisions or lack there of, do you need?
  18. Big Willie

    What Are You Listening To? XIX

    Jackson 5 - The Love You Save Still my fave J5 track to this day :clap:
  19. Big Willie

    We Are The World 25

    I think the point is, whatever can bring more awareness to the song and cause should be done, and MJ being on it willl no doubt do that. However its just a shame some people will buy it because of Michael and not because of the reason the song was made. But money for Haiti is money for Haiti, however you get it.
  20. Big Willie

    We Are The World 25

    Incredible, just incredible. I'm glad they kept MJ on the track, but even if they hadnt this is still an incredible production for a great cause. His vocals or not, this song will alwasy be connected to MJ, but thats not the issue, raising moeny for Haiti is. Jennifer Hudson and Usher tore it up. Although its not a competition and both song are for the same cause, this absolutely owns the 'Everybody Hurts' song. Amazing.
  21. Big Willie

    Vote for my band

  22. Big Willie

    Turntable Bringin' You Songs You Hate To Love

    Just because I know I'm not the only one...
  23. Cool, if he is on it he'll probably just be part of the collective chorus, a rap would be dope tho. If Dizzee can rap on "Do They Know Its Christmas", Will can rap on this.
  24. Big Willie

    What Are You Listening To? XIX

    Ted, you should check out Alexandra Burke's version of this. Much better than Brandy's IMO. See what ya think bro.
  25. Big Willie


    The iPhone wasnt groundbreaking enough, now they make me want this? Bolox!