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  1. Liking Soulja Boy is one thing, but would he put him top 10? Probably not, would he put Jigga top 10? More likely. I'm down for Hammer defending himself, being a man and standing up. But he didn't exactly go 'hard' did he? Lets face it. Dissing people and beefing is played out, I agree, but if it did go beef/battle full on, I'm willing to bet on Jigga still being victorious. Yeah I get it, Hammer is real, hes the roots, he came from the gutter and made it, I get all that, but again, his life story still doesn't make him a better rapper than Jigga. When it comes down to whose the better rapp
  2. Dont worry man, I know the lyrics, but you'll also find that Will rates Jigga highly, so probably doesn't see him as fake. Especially since he signed his daughter, haha. Im aware of his positive message, but if you go in a record store and see those KRS covers, you're not thinking positive is gonna be the content are you? Being honest? BTW Ted, I'm think the lyrics are wrong in your signature. Sounds like "Yo Jay, I got a reason to doubt" to me.
  3. I didn't saying a party track as a diss makes it wack, Jingling Baby is a banger, but, its not a diss track, he just goes at Kool in it for a few bars, its not a complete diss track, but even so, it has sick punchlines in it, punchlines that arent evident in Hammers Jay diss. Just becuase you don't think Jigga has been original/creative over the past 10 years or so doesnt make Better Run Run creative or original. Its merely that you like Hammer more, so you cant be objective. I hate this term 'real artists', what does that actually mean? You think they're real coz you like them, thats what it
  4. I'm fully aware of how consistent Hammers resume has been and for how long, but that again doesn't make him a better rapper than Jigga. It seems like you pigeon hole artists by what era they come from, yes Hammers a pioneer, but that doesn't mean that an artist that comes out 5, 10 or 100 years after him isn't a more gifted talent. As for the punchlines, I don't see any, old skool or otherwise, if Jigga dropped those exact same lyrics you wouldn't be impressed as much, if at all. They're pretty weak, all he's saying is he's gonna knock him out, that's not original or creative IMO. It's a pa
  5. I havent bothered to read through all the posts, but anyway... Hammer being 'real' doesn't make him better than Jigga, Jigga 'selling out' doesn't make him worse than Hammer. I got a lotta respect for both guys, but if we're going straight battle/beef... is there even a contest? Jigga would rip Hammer to shreds. That diss is up there with Nas - Ether? Really? REALLY? Is it even a diss? Is there even a punchline? I like Hammer, don't get me wrong, but if Nas gets taken to the limit in a beef with Jigga, Hammers chances arent viewable. And I don't even like Jigga that much. Opinion drastically
  6. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Best-Jazzy-Jeff-Fresh-Prince/dp/B0046BU02C/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1287821558&sr=1-1 Good to see something new, but getting bored of these compilation albums!
  7. Appreciate the feedback and your honest opinion and advice about the track, AJ. I'm reasonably happy with it as a first recording, it wont be the final cut, it was pretty much just an experiment and attempt to find my flow/voice etc. For sure, I need to work on my mic presence and hopefully that'll come with time an effort, its weird how even though you're alone you still have to develop full confidence in your ability before you can let rip fully on the mic, its something I'm without doubt gonna work on. Thanks again for the opinion, bro, much appreciated.
  8. So, I've finally started recording, some of you have heard it through Facebook already, but any further opinions would be much appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnPZ_6TVrYI Download link: http://usershare.net/z69ic4gzt5u4
  9. Most predictale comeback ever, I knew it was risky business making a comment about a goalkeeper, haha.
  10. Might wanna change ya avatar after today, Ale lol
  11. After peeping a few of the tracks on YouTube I have no fear in saying... Welcome Back Slim!!!
  12. I think it is potentially great for the exact same reason.
  13. Jaden's one talented kid... no lie, thats a hell of a verse for an 11 year old. Theres nothing this kid cant do...
  14. True dedication, wow! And not just the song, the whole album. Imma just say it, Fiddy was dope until he became part of Shady/Aftermath.
  15. Without sounding too patronising... I Told Ya So! Imma look like a complete knob if nothing comes of this now, haha. Fingers crossed, sounds dope!
  16. The Game's a beast man, he and Will on a track could work very well if the right subject matter is achieved. Looks cool, be interesting to see if this develops anymore.
  17. K'Naan - Wavin' Flag. I get that World Cup feeling. Amazing song!
  18. Mystro - Mess I Ever Had (Drake Spoof) Mys is insane.
  19. The TRSS lyric is actually a diss to Eminem and props to Will, if you think about it. Em says he has to curse to sell records, basically saying, if he didnt put edge on his music, he woudlnt sell. Thats my take anyway. A collab about world issues between the 2 would be earth shaking for hip hop. If it ever happened, wow!
  20. Since Relapse every track I've heard him on has been a step in the right direction. I'm confident in saying, he's back!
  21. Regardless of how he fell off after MMLP, and how he's now rejuvinating his career, I struggle to find anyone else whose had the impact Em has on the industry over the last ten years. Like him or not, this guy has reshaped the music scene. Unquestionably.
  22. I know man, its all down hill from here, haha! Thanks guys, I've had a great couple of days with the family.
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