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  1. New song, tribute to artists who have passed away. Instrument: Tupac - Dear Mama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPpVjpvyyW0 Feedback, comments here or on the page all appreciated as always. Let me know what you think. Props to MWDesigns for the cover!
  2. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - Industry of Angels

    Thanks for the feedback guys, glad you all like it, means a lot! @ Turn - Haha, 3rd verse the clincher? lol. Cheers, man!
  3. Putting out a song like this, I really don't think numbers or paper are on his mind. We're always saying on here how we want people to put 'real' true to life music out there, rather than following suit to sell records. Then when someone does it, we say 'bad move, wont sell well'. Are we ever sure what we want ourselves? I love it. My favourite artist out there currently.
  4. Big Willie

    Get Rich in 24 Hours!

    Best one yet Chris. Keep up the good work. Ravioli shot was great!
  5. A friend of mine and me remixed TI ft Justin Timberlake - Dead & Gone. Let me know what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqWwbSMPQtg Views, Subcribers and comments on the page are all greatly appreciated!
  6. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - Airplanes (Remix)

    Appreciate the feedback man. I agree I need to start showing more emotion and personality in my delivery, hopefully that'll come with experience. I always consider myself a writer first, and a rapper second. Not the first person to say it reminds you of a british Eminem. Thanks for checking them out bro.
  7. So, I've finally started recording, some of you have heard it through Facebook already, but any further opinions would be much appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnPZ_6TVrYI Download link: http://usershare.net/z69ic4gzt5u4
  8. Big Willie

    My New Video!

    I have no idea why, but when you do the 'number I-V' thing, it cracks me up, haha. Cool video bro, you def seem to be getting more comfortable with every new upload.
  9. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - Airplanes (Remix)

    I musta missed this, sorry bro. It was the Eminem Mixtape as you probably guessed. New mixtape this year, started already. Now I feel I've got the hang of recording a little better, heres a new version of Airplanes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLBMHO8zwtI and my latest track... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74FQHz5kyxA
  10. EDIT: Just to add to what Brakes said, if anything, instead of criticising the likes on Em and Jay, you should be partially grateful that they are still selling quality hip hop and not becoming too consumed with gimmicks in their material. Recovery is one of the best things to happen to hip hop in the mainstream for a very long time.
  11. There were equivalents to Soulja Boy in the 80's and 90's too, Ted, don't forget that. Not every rapper from those decades are worthy of being considered any better than Soulja is, it just so happen that there was a lot more quality out back then that we didn't get to see them in the mainstream as often. I hate to say it Ted, but you're stuck in your ways. If you're talented, you're talented, regardless of when you started.
  12. Not really, there we're just s many wack artists out in the 'golden era' as there is now. They just weren't seen as wack because we didn't know any different at the time. They should be considered pioneers and respected as legends, but we cant slate them the 'best' just because they originated in a certain era. Kurtis Blow established hip hop in a major way, but is he really a better emcee than Eminem? If you're being honest with yourself, the answers probably no. Respect them? Yes. Place them on a pedastal just because they are originals? Not for me. Although Nas was in what we consider the 'golden era' of hip hop, its safe to say he wasn't one of the orignators from the 80's, but he's still 100 times better as an emcee than most from that decade. The same way we all say people need to check the history before calling someone 'the best' we also have to not be closeminded in that, there is some new artists out there who are very worthy of being considered 'the best'. And just because someone says Eminem or Jay Z are the best ever, without knowing who Tupac etc are, doesn't make them wrong! Thats my take anyway!
  13. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - The Eminem Mixtape

    Just replied to your message on Facebook man, appreciate you checking it out, glad you like it :) The original link is dead, so I've edited the first post with a working link, see if you have any luck with that. Thanks again, bro!
  14. 1. Intro 2. The Morning Rain (ft. Dido) 3. Let's Just Blame Hip Hop 4. Once In A Lifetime 5. In My Shoes 6. Coming Out The Woodwork 7. Dead or Alive? 8. Keep Refusing 9. Rihanna 20-20 Interlude 10. Just Gonna Stand There (ft. Rihanna) 11. Live For The Moment (ft. Aerosmith) 12. Struggle Before The Dream (ft. Elton John) 13. We All Fall Down 14. Don't Hurt Me (No More) (ft. Mr S) 15. Just Gonna Stand There (Part 2) (ft. Rihanna) 16. Outro 17. [bonus Track] The Real Slim Shady (Da Rebirth Cover) Download Links: http://www.usershare.net/4le6pp9growt http://rapidshare.com/files/439061532/The_Eminem_Mixtape.zip Hope you all like it, feedback appreciated!!
  15. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - The Eminem Mixtape

    Appreciate you checking it out Vic! Cheers!
  16. Big Willie

    Da Rebirth - The Eminem Mixtape

    Cheers y'all, means a lot that you're taking the time to check it out!
  17. Big Willie

    Long time, no see...

    Chris man, you left it late, but thats post of the year, LMAO. Welcome back Jonny, been a long time.
  18. Big Willie

    Nelly Denies Starting Beef With KRS-ONE

    Nelly deserves way more credit that he gets, he may not make top 10 lists, but he's one of the more original/versatile artists to enter the mainstream over the last decade. I'm cool with dissing/beef/battles as long as it stays lyrical, when it turns into more than a verbal exchange, just makes everyone involved look idiotic. And, I think Eminem would be more than willing to go at KRS if he had a reason to do so. It'd be hard to call a winner too, in my opinion. No-one is untouchable.
  19. Big Willie

    Lyric Help

    'Spendin'... but he pronounces it 'spennin'
  20. Big Willie

    Jay-Z Disses Hammer, Hammer Responds!

    Exactly the point I've been making. @ Ted... every point you make is down to your opinion, you're not being objective. Not saying it makes you wrong or right, but if you look up to Hammer so much, lets do like him and, move on, coz this is going nowhere fast.
  21. Big Willie

    Jay-Z Disses Hammer, Hammer Responds!

    Jay hasn't torn anyone down on his way to the top, hes there on merit, he's at the top now and took a shot at Hammer, if you can even call it that. Taking a shot at Hammer does nothing for him so I highly doubt he did it with intent to increase his rep. Plus, it's not even a diss, it's a fact. If FP or LL or Hammer made jokes on someone you'd probably get a kick out of it right? It's no different to a comedian making a joke about someone. Jiggas also created a lot of opportunities for people to come through and he gives back more than you give him credit for. He has no karma coming his way.
  22. Big Willie

    Jay-Z Disses Hammer, Hammer Responds!

    Gay Z is not blindly hating? Changing his name to Knowles coz Bey has more power is not blindy hating? I have no problem with you saying those things but, c'mon son! Bottom line is, your problem is with how hip hop has evolved, and not with Jigga himself. Your opinion doesn't define good hip hop, what is real or anything along those lines. Theres people in this world that think Michael Jackson's music is wack and would never consider him as high or even in the debate for the legacy he has. Who cares? Like who you like, dont like who you dont like, but don't make it seems like your opinion is the only thing that matters, because if it was, Hammer would be outselling Jigga, and thats never gonna happen. Now I'm not saying that makes Jigga more talented or whatever, but it definitly means a lot more people appreciate his talent more than Hammers. Don't hate on the artists, commercially people always make music people want to hear, since music was invented its always been that way. It just so happens that whats popular now doesn't fit your preferences, but it doesn't make it bad. Plus, it wasnt even a diss, it was a fact. Hammers the maker of his own downfall, he blew his fortune, and Jigga could blow 30mil several times over and still be loaded. Its not a diss when its true, Hammers just embarassed he made mistakes that people could crack on/use. Jays not the first and he wont be the last. Fact!
  23. Big Willie

    Jay-Z Disses Hammer, Hammer Responds!

    Liking Soulja Boy is one thing, but would he put him top 10? Probably not, would he put Jigga top 10? More likely. I'm down for Hammer defending himself, being a man and standing up. But he didn't exactly go 'hard' did he? Lets face it. Dissing people and beefing is played out, I agree, but if it did go beef/battle full on, I'm willing to bet on Jigga still being victorious. Yeah I get it, Hammer is real, hes the roots, he came from the gutter and made it, I get all that, but again, his life story still doesn't make him a better rapper than Jigga. When it comes down to whose the better rapper, it is all about skills. If we're talking whose the better person, who stayed more humble or who represents what hip hop originated as, then yeah, Hammer probably takes it. But thats not gonna win him a battle against Jay.
  24. Big Willie

    Jay-Z Disses Hammer, Hammer Responds!

    Dont worry man, I know the lyrics, but you'll also find that Will rates Jigga highly, so probably doesn't see him as fake. Especially since he signed his daughter, haha. Im aware of his positive message, but if you go in a record store and see those KRS covers, you're not thinking positive is gonna be the content are you? Being honest? BTW Ted, I'm think the lyrics are wrong in your signature. Sounds like "Yo Jay, I got a reason to doubt" to me.
  25. Big Willie

    Jay-Z Disses Hammer, Hammer Responds!

    I didn't saying a party track as a diss makes it wack, Jingling Baby is a banger, but, its not a diss track, he just goes at Kool in it for a few bars, its not a complete diss track, but even so, it has sick punchlines in it, punchlines that arent evident in Hammers Jay diss. Just becuase you don't think Jigga has been original/creative over the past 10 years or so doesnt make Better Run Run creative or original. Its merely that you like Hammer more, so you cant be objective. I hate this term 'real artists', what does that actually mean? You think they're real coz you like them, thats what it boils down to. How can you bring up the negative influence gig when you rave so much about KRS One? Even though he's holding a gun in both his first 2 album covers. I'm not hatiing on KRS, but once again, its about what you like, you like KRS, so you ignore his negativity, you're not so much of a fan as Em's so you pin point him as negative, even though he's one of the more positive rappers to be in the mainstream over the last decade, and releases positive songs as singles successfully, something not many others, including the 'real' artists do. Truth is, there was just as much negative influence when hip hop started as there is now, we're just more aware of it because media controls the world and publicises it more these days. And BTW, saying you don't believe in God in a song isnt a bad thing, because you don't have to believe in God, its a choice. Once again it boils down to, you believe in God, so you have a problem with it. I don't believe in God, but yet I still don't have a problem when an artist talks about how great God/religion is, for example, I think DMX's Lord Give Me A Sign is one of his best ever.