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  1. On occassions a violent act can be justified. The death penalty for a murderer, for example. I disagree. Shocking :pound:
  2. On occassions a violent act can be justified. The death penalty for a murderer, for example.
  3. I think the problem is, as far as I'm aware, the cause isnt searchable like a group or fan page would be. Maybe a group would get better results, but starting from scratch when theres nearly 800 members would be silly and a waste of our time already spent on it.
  4. Agreed, he did give off a persona off being a little over confident, which in a competition like that, a winner has always been the modest "I dont know how good I am" singer. Leona being prime example. Alexandra was just glad to be there, and turned out being the total package. I think Danyl just knew how good he was, and thats what people didnt like. The god guy/girl always wins in the talent shows. However, Lemar is living proof that you can have a great career out of not winning.
  5. He's not the victim tho is he really? I dont condone Elin beating him if that is what happened, anymore than I did when CB beat Rihanna. But Tigers been creeping, he can catch the flack for a while, and deservedly so. Having said that, i couldnt care less about his personal life, I admire him for his mentality and abilities on the golf course. There is no equal to his talent, ever! Hope whoever was admitted to Hospital is ok.
  6. My list would be totally different, and College Dropout wouldnt be on it at all. Blueprint and Stankonia would be the only keepers for me. Surprised to see MMLP isnt on there.
  7. Honestly, I'm yet to see this arrogance from Danyl, and I think the people that do think he is arrogant are being mislead by the stories that have been printed, that may or may not be true. From what I've seen, he's been very humble about himself and very encouraging towards other contestants. I may be me missing it, I dunno, but from what I've seen, not what has been written, I see someone confident in their abilities. Joe's a dead lock for winning in my opinion, he'll probably have a decent year, be picked up by a few musicals and live on the West End the rest of his career. He's an amazi
  8. I dont know how all 3 didnt got further as solo artists, Graziella is a unique talent. As a group they reminded me of Misteeq, or dare I say TLC. Jedward staying as long as they did really screwed up a lot of peoples chances to show their development. I think a lot of contestents will have releases commercially, the last 4 especially. I think Simon has a soft spot for Danyl and will ship him off to America as soon as possible.
  9. The final is up next week, I personally think its a crime Danyl isnt there, for me, he and Joe are head and shoulders above Stacey and Olly from a vocal standpoint, and Danyl probably had the best chance of breaking America. Anyway, to the final.. I think Joe will win, but of who is left, I want Olly to. Joe; Belongs on the West End, he's not a popstar, in my opinion. Stacey; If she wins will constantly be in the shadow of Leona and Alexandra. Olly; Reminds me of Robbie Williams, but dont see him having the career Robbie has. Whoever wins, I see their career heading the way of Shan
  10. Well, you gotta consider women get waxed regularly in other "sensitive" areas too, I guess we need to clarify if the hair was located on the actual nipple or in the surrounding area. Andy, care to clear that up dude? I cant help but think that the terms being used would be totally different if the conversation wasnt happening on a public forum. And for hers and your sake dude, I hope this girls never finds this forum. Although, it would be hilarious :pound:
  11. Don't go blaming a hairy nipple for your impotence dude :pound:
  12. I hope the 7 new tracks on Relapse: Refill bring this kind of intensity, he's defo got his swagga back, and thinking less about making the commercial crowd pleasers. I havent been this excited about his career sine MMLP!
  13. I refuse to take notice of anyone who says Em cant spit after that. Wow, his flow was bananas!!!
  14. Danyl Johnson - Your Song (Elton John Cover) Best performance on X Factor all year IMO.
  15. AI Agrees Terms With Sixers http://www.nba.com/sixers/news/091202_iverson.html I'm actually quite excited by this news.
  16. Its really not possible. Your account musta been hacked :boxedin: lol
  17. Whats more productive than witnessing your son film a movie? We have to remember he's a family man before any career aspirations. I'm confident of more music, but only when he's ready, because that's when he'll be at his best. Theres been more positives towards new music than negatives against it, recently anyway. Time will tell.
  18. Back where he should have stayed. Philly have a lot of talent right now, he could be the experienced leader they're looking for.
  19. An experienced contender should really take a risk on him, like the Celtics. A team that wont be affected by his possible disruptions. If AI manages to reign his ego in and accepts he may have to come off the bench more often than not, he could really spearhead a title contender like Boston, into untouchable status. I dont think his career is over personally, and anyone who does sign him, if they reign his ego in, will have a real bargain in their possession. His ability is still there, he just needs to stop his ego controlling it.
  20. A hot version of Rihanna, would be Rihanna herself, man. As for the songs, I could take em or leave em. L'm like Turn, I want DC back.
  21. You obviously missed when Lerkot dropped a song over the Jiggy beat.
  22. Everyone who wears #23 is gonna live their whole career in MJ shadow. LBJ is doing a very respectful thing, the comparisons must get boring when you're trying to create your own legacy, but fact is, if you wear #23, you will be compared to MJ, because he did BIG things in that number. It's really in peoples best interest to stay clear of that number.
  23. Its been posted a few times over the years, but I never get tired of seeing it. Jeff kills it!
  24. I dunno how many times I've said this sincee I heard you got signed bro, but congrats, its long overdue. Could your life be any more perfect right now? Much deserved.
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