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    Turntable Bringin' You Songs You Hate To Love

    I await Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl being posted... hate myself for loving that song, haha! Its an old convo, but I think Miley Cyrus has some talent too, I think the Hannah Montana thing masks what talent she does have, but at 17 doing what she does at the level she does it at, I respect that.
  2. Big Willie

    2009 Wrap Up

    Ahh man, My Type of Party is dope on so many levels. The way he blends the comical side of his abilties with topical scenerios that has you laughing but also going "thats so true, that does happen", its amazing. His combination of comedic punchlines yet thought provoking topics is honourable to any rapper out there. His flow on that track is crazy too. Mys has more depth to him on that one track, despite it being comedic, that a lot of commercial rappers can express in the entirety of their careers. Man I need to be copping myself a physical copy of Music Mystro, the download just aint the same. You checked his new F.T.D EP yet, Brakes? Gotta reinstall iTunes before I can grab it.
  3. Big Willie

    Beyond The Rubble

    Great work man. Very passionate.
  4. Big Willie

    2009 Wrap Up

    Love this guy, his word play is second to none. Hard to believe he's been around since the late 90's and has never really had a big break. His talent is unquestionable. I like Chipmunk, Tinchy and the such like, but Mys takes it to a whole different level and deserves to be known on a more public basis. Very few rival Twang as the UK's best rapper, but Mystro is right there pushing Taipanic and for me is actually better in certain abilities. When they come together its intense, Half n Half on Twangs Kik Off album is mind boggling.
  5. Big Willie

    2010 NBA All Star Starters Announcers

    How many times has Yao Ming been highest vote getter? And how many times has he been deserving of it compared to other players in the league? Granted, its largely dowwn to his Chinese fan base, but votes are votes. The All-Star game is a night for the fans to be entertained, we cant change the history of the voting criteria just because a few that arent as deserving as they once were are getting votes. Its a fan night, and they're who the fans want to see. I'm happy for AI, plus anyone more deserving of the Easts PG slot will be a reserve and play as many minutes anyway. Rondo in most likelihood.
  6. The only thing missing is Birdman saying his Dad could beat up Jigga's Dad. This is school playground beef, Jigga should just tell the teacher Birdman is picking on him and have done with it. Yawn. But if I was to give an opinion on this.... Lil Wayne <<<<< Jigga.... and I wouldnt reject eithers bank account.
  7. Big Willie

    RIP Teddy Pendergrass

    I guess the 2009 celebrity death train just kept on rolling into 2010, what the hell is going on? Damn. RIP Teddy.
  8. Big Willie

    Lemar - The Hits

    1. Dance With You 2. 50/50 3. Another Day 4. Lullaby 5. If There's Any Justice 6. Time To Grow 7. Its Not That Easy 8. Someone Should Tell You 9. If She Knew 10. Weight Of The World 11. What About Love (Featuring Jls) 12. All I Ever Do (My Boo) 13. The Way Love Goes 14. You Don't Love Me 15. Counting The Days Preview of the first sngle The Way Love Goes here.
  9. Big Willie

    HAPPY 2010 FAM!

    Happy New Year!
  10. Big Willie

    Merry Christmas

  11. Big Willie

    Jaden Smith set for 'Karate Kid' redo

    That trailer is the exact reason I gave the idea an open mind. Looks great, Jaden's got acting chops for sure.
  12. No-one said he was a hero. Just his intentions were good, it was handled very poorly, but it has been somewhat successful. But liek you said, it's just two different points of view.
  13. When I say "answer" I mean the right solution to something. A violent act is never the right solution, but, sometimes, it's unavoidable. That doesn't mean I have to like it. For example, when you have to fight to defend your country from other attacks. The problem resides in the one who starts the violence. Bush was a liar. Your statement is a complete contradiction. I'm guessing what you mean is, violence should be the very last solution, not that its never the answer. Bush was a liar, agreed, but his intentions were still good. Saddam no longer being alive makes the Iraq war somewhat successful.
  14. Violence is never the answer. I was just saying that sometimes it's the only way, like, as Lerkot said, in self-defence cases. Talk about contradicting yourself. If in some cases its the only way, then that makes it the ANSWER for that situation. Taking your country to war to stop a terrorists dictatorship, is not the same as blowing up building (or whatever) for fun. I agree, Bush has been a complete moron at times, but to compare him to Saddam in the terms of what we are discussing, is ridiculous.
  15. To my knowledge, Bush has never plotted to kill as many people as Saddam did. He may not have handled things very well that caused death. Whilst Saddam/Bin Laden sent out suicide bombers to kill people, Bush, as misguided as it may have been, it was in an attempt to stop terror. Yes, subsequently lives have been lost, but it wasnt a "lets go in and kill a few, then come back again". I do agree though, you need stone wall evidence, or an admission before you can even think about the death penalty and only in extreme cases. Saddam Hussein = death penalty.... Ronnie Biggs = just lock him up. The hypocrisy is, that if Ronnie Biggs commmited a murder today, he'd get less time in prison than for his original crime. Rob a train, got to prison for life, kill someone and get 25 years. How is that justice? On the money thing, we have to consider that the amount of money it costs to keep someone in prison is ridiculous. Which subsequently costs tax payers money, which will slow to the economy which contributes to a world wide recession. In America, as far as I'm aware, life in prison, means you aint leaving until your dead. Why should the countries money situation suffer as a result of keeping a murderer alive? Its not the counties fault this person killed someone, its not tax payers fault either, but they all suffer as a result of it. Again, I think only in extreme cases you should turn to the death penalty, but surely, somewhere along the lines, its necessary. You cant say violence is NEVER the answer and then agree that in some cases it is.
  16. Yeah, not only do they get to keep their life, every tax payer is paying for them to do so.
  17. IMO, it's a shame to fight violence with violence. But I guess sometimes it's the only way. I don't know if it every is... self-defence is one thing but other than that, I don't know. Exactly, that's why I'll never support things like the death penalty. The death penalty is extreme, but, why does a murderer deserve to live when the victim cant? Look at what the punishment would be, life in prison. Not only do they get to keep their life, they also still get to see their family, both things the victim cant do. Prison these days, certainly in the UK, is like putting someone up in a slightly dirty hotel for the duration of their punishment. Take Saddam Hussein as an example, all the lives he ruined, all the people he killed, why does he deserve to keep his life? He deserved to be hanging from the rafters. I'm not condoning violence as a whole, but in certain circumstances, for me at least, it is the only way to bring justice to a crime, in extreme cases.
  18. Big Willie

    Timbaland Says He's Done With Hip Hop

    I smell a Jigge type retirement coming on.
  19. Haha, classic. I think its great to finally have competition for the Christmas1 for the first time in years. X Factor has made it far too predictable. I'm not a huge fan of either song tho. The great this is RATM have said they'll give all proceeds to charity and the Facebook group itself has now raise £40,000 for a homeless shelter.
  20. On occassions a violent act can be justified. The death penalty for a murderer, for example. I disagree. Shocking :pound:
  21. On occassions a violent act can be justified. The death penalty for a murderer, for example.
  22. Big Willie

    Convincing Will to rap again!

    I think the problem is, as far as I'm aware, the cause isnt searchable like a group or fan page would be. Maybe a group would get better results, but starting from scratch when theres nearly 800 members would be silly and a waste of our time already spent on it.
  23. Big Willie

    The X Factor 2009

    Agreed, he did give off a persona off being a little over confident, which in a competition like that, a winner has always been the modest "I dont know how good I am" singer. Leona being prime example. Alexandra was just glad to be there, and turned out being the total package. I think Danyl just knew how good he was, and thats what people didnt like. The god guy/girl always wins in the talent shows. However, Lemar is living proof that you can have a great career out of not winning.
  24. Big Willie

    The X Factor 2009

    The final is up next week, I personally think its a crime Danyl isnt there, for me, he and Joe are head and shoulders above Stacey and Olly from a vocal standpoint, and Danyl probably had the best chance of breaking America. Anyway, to the final.. I think Joe will win, but of who is left, I want Olly to. Joe; Belongs on the West End, he's not a popstar, in my opinion. Stacey; If she wins will constantly be in the shadow of Leona and Alexandra. Olly; Reminds me of Robbie Williams, but dont see him having the career Robbie has. Whoever wins, I see their career heading the way of Shane Ward, Steve Brookstein and Leon Jackson. Even now, I still think Danyl has the best chance of a long term career. Anyone else have any thoughts?