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  1. Make Will Smith Great Again

    It has very little to do with him as an actor and everything to do with him as a decision maker. He was stunning in Concussion and Collateral Beauty and he was the stand out performance (along with Margot) in Suicide Squad. He's is just choosing very poorly promoted movies that don't have any global appeal to be blockbusters. Suicide Squad sold based on its DC connection of course. Will is by far a better, more rounded, actor than he has ever been, and it's clear he's making movie to refine his skill over filling a movie theatre. Which can't be knocked as a negative, in my opinion.
  2. Collateral Beauty

    F the critics, go see this movie. It's breathtaking.
  3. Yoo , I am in London, can you send me the vinyls?

  4. NEW SINGLE - Behind Enemy Lies

    I know that feeling, this track was the first I've recorded in ages. Life takes over lol I'm up for anything you wanna work on bro.
  5. NEW SINGLE - Behind Enemy Lies

    Appreciate that Tim. Yeah beats have always been my issue. Time to reinstate that JJFP forum album? lol
  6. NEW SINGLE - Behind Enemy Lies

    Appreciate it bro. About time we jumped on another track together.
  7. New music - caution in the wild

    Who even knew about the app prior to this song let alone be bothered looking for a song on YouTube they don't know exists? lol this is just Will having fun and putting it out in some way. Sounds to me like he was just messing around on set of SS and it ended up being used in a song, it's not a serous attempt at a music relaunch. It's not the song you want the masses to be hearing for a WS music comeback.
  8. Suicide Squad

    The box office numbers and Wills performance prove your 'comeback' theory. Public reviews (the people that really matter) are saying he and Margot carried the film. It's proof if Will gets in an eagerly anticipated movie and performs well, his fans will flock and begin to look forward to his future projects. We get so hell bent on the fact he hasn't made music that we almost will his movies to fail. Beside the critics reviews, this is a roaring success at the box office and a personal gain in Wills career as an actor to know he can still be part of a summer block buster. After Earth sucked, Focus wasn't amazing but it was watchable. Concussion was kept under wraps largely by the NFL popularity and ignorance of the issue it addresses, but Will was fantastic in it (minus accent). I don't see where the decline of his career is. He's in what will probably be the biggest movie of the summer, Collateral Beauty will probably get Oscar attention and Bright is going straight to Netflix which is probably the largest growing audience movie watching option in the world right now. Couple that with the Bad Boys franchise continuing, which will get attention just coz it's Bad Boys, regardless of if Bay is involved. I'd say his movie career looks pretty healthy. He's also part of the Suicide Squad franchise now too, so that will have him occupied and in good condition at the box office any time a new movie or spin off is released.
  9. Selling my JJFP singles + vinyl Collection

    Sorry for the late reply man. $10?
  10. New music - caution in the wild

    I don't mean to be the party pooper... But aside from its great he's going music, I found it pretty poor :/
  11. Selling my JJFP singles + vinyl Collection

    $75 again? Even split.
  12. Selling my JJFP singles + vinyl Collection

    PayPal is probably easiest and inbox me your address, man.
  13. Selling my JJFP singles + vinyl Collection

    Split it down the middle? $75 for the vinyls? I don't have the concert dvd, man.
  14. Selling my JJFP singles + vinyl Collection

    It's emotional for sure, lol. Im just not as into the collection as I was and the money can go better places. I've backed everything up ;) I want it to all go to someone who will appreciate it so hoping one of the family has it. I don't know about the Jeff scratches, all it says is 'original versions available on the Columbia release Big Willie Style'