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  1. the fresh is here

    to all of you bass players...

    yeah... i figure it out alone.. i like to do it..
  2. the fresh is here

    to all of you bass players...

    main riff: G|-----------------------------------------------------|| D|-------------------------------------------------|| A|------------9------------------ ---9--------------|| E|--9-11-12---12xx--9---11--12------12--12-12--|| So now you have a good reason to start play bass of guitar... it's the cool riff of the 1st track of homebase... :rock: :peace: PEACE :peace:
  3. the fresh is here

    6 ppl in the chat

    sorry.. i missed it.. next time... :tear:
  4. the fresh is here

    Gettin' Jiggy Wit It (Da Ntro Remix)

    thanks! :afro: :peace: peace :peace:
  5. the fresh is here

    So I was flicking the TV channels...

    well..the background music of summertime is probably the best background music of JJFP so far. the music very composed of many diffrent instruments that make a nice touch of reggae and diffrent styles of music. It's relaxing and jusr perfect for a background music. I mean, they even decaided to put he Summertime (reprise) on Homebase CD. and many times i find myself listenning to it.. because it so relaxing and fun.. :dancingcool: :peace: peace :peace:
  6. the fresh is here

    Could you guys help

    [quote]Yeah man! "Freakin' It" and "Wild Wild West" are nothing compared to "I'm Looking for the One (to be with me) and "Can't Wait to be with you" [/quote] Im looking for the one and can't wait to be with you might be jjfp best songs ever..
  7. the fresh is here

    Could you guys help

    i thought code red was a hit! strange..
  8. the fresh is here


    :dancingcool: happy birthday!!
  9. the fresh is here

    Could you guys help

    does someone know what was JJFP best seller? and how it sold?
  10. the fresh is here

    WOW!!! OMG

    do you want some fries with it? :thumb:
  11. the fresh is here

    WOW!!! OMG

    [quote=Jazzy Julie,Jun 4 2004, 02:51 PM]you see this is what happens when i go for 2 days. you all need to be supervised and stopped from falling into insanity. :poke: but to keep to the subject im member :peace:number 22 which stands for 2 little ducks quack quack :peace:. oh no now see what you have done![/quote] :peace: LOL...
  12. the fresh is here

    WOW!!! OMG

    [quote]I'm really in the mood for some marshmellows.[/quote] wow!!! marshmellows!!!!! i didnt eat marshmellow for a llllooonnnggg time! im going to buy some! :roll: ...... and i want some krispi cream too!!! :peace: peace :peace:
  13. the fresh is here

    WOW!!! OMG

    i meant to say that Hero1 posted his 555th post here. so now there is another reason why this whole topic is ccccoooooolllll!! LOL :dancingcool: :peace: peace! :peace:
  14. the fresh is here

    just came back from the cinema

    well.. i watched shrek2.... it sucks but that's not the point. so... before the movie started i saw the shark tales (is it the name?) trailer... and it look very nice and funny! :afro: but i have a question.. don't you think it really really really looks like imitation of finding nemo??... i hope it will not be a fake finding nemo... :dancingcool: and i saw i robot today on tv... it looks very cool! :dancingcool: :music: :peace: peace :peace: :music:
  15. the fresh is here

    Could you guys help

    well.. the best cd was the greatest hits.. because.. its the [b]greatest hits[/b]. but from the real albums... i think homebase and rock the house are the best :music: :peace: peace :peace: