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  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to say hello and say thanks to all of you who have bought tickets to the Blackpool or Croatia shows. This has been in the works for quite some time so I am so excited that we can finally talk about it! With that said, are there any songs that you'd like to see Jeff & Will perform? Looking forward to meeting all of you.
  2. Hi everyone! I hope you have all been well and 2016 has started off being a fantastic year for you. We are going to announce all of the spring tour dates tomorrow so I thought I'd touch base with you. If any of you plan on attending the shows and would like to say hi to Jeff or take a photo with him after the show, please be sure to drop me an email and I'll work it out for you. Aside from this tour, Jeff has been playing in the States A LOT and had a wildly successful SXSW. He did an interview with Ebro Darden on Beats1 where he talks about never being worried about being replaced by an ipod. Here's the link in case you want to give it a listen: https://itunes.apple.com/us/post/idsa.1cc98f68-ec92-11e5-9609-3cab93fc3d23 He also remixed Anderson Paak's "Room In Here" which available exclusively on Apple Music. Last month, Jeff flew a bunch of musicians and producers in to start work on a new project. I can't confirm or deny the title of the new project BUT i can tell you we've been using #M3 as the hashtag. :) We have also started working on this year's PLAYLIST Retreat which is super exciting. In case you missed it, this is the short video we made of the retreat we hosted last August. That's pretty much what's been happening in the world of DJ Jazzy Jeff. One last thing ... I know you are all wondering and the answer is YES! Yes, Jeff & Will will be on a stage again in 2016. We have been working tirelessly to try and get a JJFP show on the books so stay tuned!
  3. Jeff and Rizzle Kicks - Summertime remake

    Anyone notice who was saying "Drums Please" in the beginning?
  4. Hi everyone, yes, the album is going to be available so you can download the individual tracks. Just not right now. :)
  5. Hello everyone, It's been quite some time since I've checked in on you all so I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer. Thanks for posting this up AJ. As most of you know, this project started two years ago and really ignited Jeff's love of producing again. I can tell you that he is so proud of the work he and Dayne are putting out and he's excited to keep working on NEW music. Who will that be with? You never know .... :) Thank you for all of your support from shows to music, videos to merch. We hope you enjoy Memoirs of Dayne Jordan and if you do please SHARE it on media.
  6. Dayne Jordan In Progress EP

    In Progress Release Date: 12.11.14 Dayne Jordan Label: JTown Music Track listing: 1. Wash It Down Produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff & James Poyser 2. Room Test Produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff 3. All About The Art Produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff Drums: Questlove, Keys: James Poyser 4. I Want It All Produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff 5. Einstein Produced by DJ Ferno 6. Play Dat! Produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff 7. Lost ft. Ebony Joi Produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff & James Poyser 8. Fellow Produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff 9. Git It Back Produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff With over a year of studio time quietly logged, Dayne Jordan and DJ Jazzy Jeff have been releasing singles over the past six months. In Progress is the compilation of those tracks including “All About The Art”, “Fellow” and “I Want It All” while including new tracks “Wash It Down” and “Git It Back” to round out the EP. To download EP – Click Here Social Media: FB: Dayne Jordan DJJazzyJeff IG: @therealdosage @djjazzyjeff Twitter: @therealdosage @djjazzyjeff215 #InProgress #DayneJordan #DJJazzyJeff #ItsAWorldOutThere #Truth www.daynejordan.com www.djjazzyjeff.com Supporting Videos - Click Here
  7. Fellow

    here's some new music Jeff & Dayne dropped today: Enjoy!
  8. Jeff's European Fall tour 2014

    Hey Kev, He's got a day off in Sheffield the next day so maybe you can catch up with the guys for a Byron Burger. LOL I was in London two weeks ago and Jeff said I HAD to have a Byron Burger .... and it was pretty good. :)
  9. Play Dat!

    New music from Jeff & Dayne. The video was shot last week while they were in Baku for the Red Bull Thre3Style Finals
  10. Hello from Team Jazzy Jeff

    Hi @bigted, There is nothing confirmed though they have spoken about it frequently. As Jeff says, it's hard to have a partner that's one of the biggest movie stars in the world!
  11. From Jeff's Instagram

    They just performed Summertime together. :)
  12. Hello from Team Jazzy Jeff

    Hi Tim, Norwich is Oct 23
  13. Hello from Team Jazzy Jeff

    Hey Julie, The Chester show is on Oct 12
  14. Hello from Team Jazzy Jeff

    Hey Brakes! That stinks. Jeff will surely be disappointed but enjoy Miami!
  15. Hello from Team Jazzy Jeff

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Jeff asked that I get in touch with you all and, first and foremost, thank you for all the love and support you have been showing him this summer. It's been a really busy summer for him with touring, the Summertime mixtape, Dayne Jordan's singles and then putting the finishing touches on Dayne's album. Jeff is heading over to Europe for a very quick European run before he heads to Baku for the Red Bull Threestyle Finals. If you happen to be in the area of any of these shows, please let me know! Also, this will be the first tour that Dayne will be MC'ing for him. Here are the dates: Aug 28 The Watering Hole Perranporth, UK Aug 29 Museo Maritimo Bilbao, Spain Aug 30 Gipsy Bar Moscow, Russia Aug 31 Encore Festival Amsterdam, NL In October, he is back over for his three week Euro run. As you know he'll be at Plan B on Oct 24 but we also have UK shows in Leeds, Canterbury, Chester, Norwich and Portsmouth. We have a bunch of shows in Germany, Dubai, Slovenia, Novogorod, Belfast and Qatar. We have confirmed he'll be in Asia, Australia and New Zealand in December. Lots of exciting stuff!