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  3. Did anybody else listen?? If will dropped a mixtape it'd gone viral people need to stop sleeping on jeff...
  4. Ale

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    MIB2 Remix (Album Version) I haven't listened to this version in ages!
  5. Ale

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    Wow. And another record broken! 'Aladdin' also becomes Will's biggest domestic earner of all time. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/people/chart/?view=Actor&id=willsmith.htm&sort=gross&order=DESC&p=.htm
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  7. Ale


    Will and Jada launch multimedia company 'Westbrook Inc.' https://deadline.com/2019/07/jada-pinkett-smith-will-smith-launch-westbrook-inc-multimedia-cross-platform-venture-1202644212/
  8. Aladdin turned out to be his highest grossing film and the soundtrack was a hit and this video has a ton of viewers there's a resurrecting of his career he needs to release an album with Jeff asap even if it's a Will Smith album like willennium or lost and found I can live with that at this point
  9. I think he worries about alienating the crowd he performs in front of. Most of the times Will or JJFP play live nowadays, they do it in front of people who came to see multiple acts or dont really have a deep connection to hiphop or JJFP. They want the "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" **** and Will probably feels it would be weird to leave those famous songs out. I do agree though. Will's time as a super-super-celeb is behind him, he has nothing to prove, and he should focus more on what he likes rather than what people wants.
  10. I wish they'd do a concert where they don't play any of the Will Smith solo stuff and only play JJFP songs. Nothing against the WS tracks, I love them, but it would be refreshing to here something that isn't MIB, Jiggy, Switch and Miami for a change
  11. analogue

    R.I.P Rip Torn

    Rip Torn who played Zed in Men In Black as passed away https://twitter.com/TwitterMoments/status/1148791492854419456 Rest in peace
  12. Ale

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    Domestic: $320,789,616 34.8% + Foreign: $600,900,000 65.2% ---------------------------------------------------------- = Worldwide: $921,689,616
  13. I've downloaded. But not had a chance to listen yet. Something to spin on my lunch break.
  14. Abdul1997

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Dreamville Revenge of the Dreamers III (2019)
  15. bigted

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Summertime 10
  16. Summertime 10 coming....
  17. Will's got a nice run of films on the go. BB3 very shortly after as well
  18. fan 4ever

    Will recorded a song with DJ Bliss

    Don’t know who this guy is but he should leak the song!
  19. Word I wish Will would deliver to the music audience more often cause we all know it's dope stuff
  20. DJ Bliss says he has a song with Will Smith. He doesn't know if it'll be ever released, though. Check it out at [44:00]
  21. I also saw that BNF performance and wanted to download it but it was gone real quick. I don't understand why Will or his people are so secretive about these things. Isn't some of his people JL and Omar too? I just dont get it. I couldn't give two craps about Will's movies but when it comes to music please give me as much as possible! Lol
  22. Cris got in trouble for dropping it. He has some more goodies if wills people agree to put em out.
  23. Ale

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    'Aladdin' will become Will's second movie domestically by tomorrow. Domestic: $305,861,946 35.0% + Foreign: $568,300,000 65.0% ----------------------------------------------------------- = Worldwide: $874,161,946
  24. Yea, the 'BNF' performance from rehearsals was posted on Facebook shortly after the two 2017 concerts. I had the chance to watch it before they removed it (talked about it on this thread: http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/topic/16117-jazzy-jeff-and-fresh-prince-are-back-2-live-shows/?page=18). Hope Will or someone releases it just like 'From Da South'. Would be dope to see as much footage as possible!
  25. Put it on YouTube originals will, more music fans go on YouTube....
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